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Having (more or less…) decided that we would be travelling around Australia with a camper trailer, we set about choosing one.

Cameron camper trailer

Shiny and new: en route from Adelaide to Melbourne, December 2013

We first saw Cameron Campers at the Melbourne Leisurefest show in October 2012. (Paul had discovered them online well before that, when he found a video of an 8-year-old girl setting up the ‘Concept’ camper, but as he couldn’t find any prices on the company’s website, he discounted them as ‘too expensive’.) We’d headed to that show intending to firm up our choice of an Adventure Offroad camper trailer. However, after wandering in to the Cameron stand ‘just for a look’, we were blown away by the design and layout of the Concept trailer…and when Paul remarked ‘There’s no pegs or guy ropes…’, it was pretty much love! Cameron’s Bronte Scholz explained the Concept top, demonstrated (and allowed us to try) the (truly very easy) set-up and patiently answered our many questions. Over the course of that day, we revisited the Cameron stand at least three times – checking out how the tent top performed in the heat and wind (very well!) – and by the time we left the show, we were sold…emotionally, at least!

Room with a view!

Room with a view!

We got a quote with all the bells and whistles, but decided that we didn’t want to spend that much (around $26,000) on a camper trailer, so it was back to the drawing board to explore other options. But after 12 months more of to-ing and fro-ing (caravan, tent, camper trailer, ‘hybrid’, new, second-hand…aaaaggghhh?!), in October 2013 we bit the bullet and committed to the Cameron. We got another quote, then went back to Cameron to ‘whittle down’ the figure to something achievable within our budget. With Bronte’s assistance and advice, we managed this by omitting things that we didn’t need (such as a mattress; we already had two Exped MegaMats) and/or that we could live without in the short term (such as a built-in kitchen and an awning; the Concept-top dust cover acts as the shelter over our kitchen for now), and opting for ‘lower level’ items (such as a manual water pump vs electric; although we always intended to go with manual, in the interest of using less water). We did, however, lash out on a ‘moon roof’, which couldn’t be added later; we figured that there’s no point sleeping out under all those outback stars if we can’t see them!

Despite getting a great deal from Cameron, we spent considerably more on the camper trailer than we’d originally intended (and certainly way more than we would if we were just buying a ‘weekends-and-holidays’ camper trailer). But as it’s going to be our full-time ‘home on the road’ we doubt we’ll ever regret making the investment. Since picking up the trailer in December 2013, we’ve only had relatively short outings (two or three nights) in it, but have been refining our set-up and working out what we need to do in terms of ‘modifications’ for long-term travel. We’ll add more details of our camper trailer set-up in our blog as we prepare to hit the road, but if you would like to know more, get in touch and we’ll happily answer any questions you might have.

Experimenting with shelter options, December 2013

Experimenting with shelter options, December 2013


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