Hits and misses

Now that our new lifestyle has begun in earnest and we’ve had time to get used to the concept of being itinerant and (self-)unemployed, we thought it might be interesting to record the things that we think we’re going to enjoy the most about our new lifestyle, along with what we anticipate missing the most. We’ll revisit our lists in perhaps three/six/12 months’ time, to see what’s changed! So, here are our lists, in no particular order… (Family, friends and colleagues aren’t included, as it goes without saying that we’ll miss them!)


2014_10_first campfire on the road

First campfire on the road: Rutherglen (Vic), October 2014

Kim: 1) Spending most of the day/night outdoors 2) The freedom to go wherever we want to, and to stay somewhere as long as we like 3) Hypnotic campfires under spectacular stars 4) Passing time just watching and listening to nature 5) Meeting people from different places and all walks of life 6) Learning new skills – professional and otherwise – by having a go at a variety of jobs/experiences

Paul: 1) Stars 2) Campfires 3) Freedom 4) No TV 5) Less work 6) Endless summer

Banjo: 1) Being with Mum and/or Dad lots 2) Going to lots of places in my car 3) Lots of naps by the campfire 4) Getting to meet lots of people 5) Getting lots of pats from people 6) Lots and lots and LOTS of sticks!


Kim: 1) Doors with handles instead of zips 2) My Electrolux front-loading washing machine 3) Electricity, heating and water available ‘on tap’ 4) Toilet that doesn’t need to be emptied (enough said!) 5) Drinking wine out of a glass 6) Fortnightly (or otherwise regular!) income

Paul: 1) TV 2) Pub 3) Food delivered 4) Air-con 5) Beer in glass 6) Mortar and pestle

Banjo: Nothing; as long as I’m with Mum and/or Dad, I’m happy! (Editor’s note: Although Banjo says this, he is rather fond of creature comforts, so is probably secretly missing sleeping on the couch!)


4 Responses to “Hits and misses”

  1. Nick McCarthy 10 October 2014 6:11 pm #

    Love your work Kim! Life is looking sweeter by the day. Dare I say I’m a tiny bit envious sitting here with my massive mortgage and soon to be hugely expensive child…

    I’ll pass on your sentiments to the Electrolux. I’m on your e-mail feed so don’t be strangers! Remember, our door is always open should you return to Melbourne (well not literally ALWAYS open; this is West Footscray afterall… 🙂

    • Great Oz Escape 26 November 2014 2:59 pm #

      Sorry to have overlooked this comment until now, Nick! Glad to know that the Electrolux is in good hands, and soon to be working overtime when bub arrives 🙂 The massive mortgage and expenses of a child will all be worth it; and at least you and Sarah will have somewhere to live and somebody to look after you in your dotage Lol

  2. Jess 22 November 2014 9:17 pm #

    Great lists! It will be interesting to see what you think in another few months and see if things have changed! I love hearing from Banjo too!

    • Great Oz Escape 26 November 2014 2:52 pm #

      Thanks, Jess; it will indeed be interesting to see if we feel the same way after more time on the road (though it’s already now more than three months!). Banjo is still pretty happy with his lot as a travelling dog, and doesn’t seem to be missing ‘home’…though he has been a bit slack with his blog (http://www.banjosbigadventure.com.au) and Facebook updates (http://www.facebook.com/banjosbigadventure) 😉

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