Countdowns and curveballs

They say there’s a first time for everything, and with just over two-and-a-half months until our ‘escape date’, it’s high time for our first blog post. After five years of ‘one day’ dreaming, and another two-and-a-half years of committed planning and research, things are now gaining momentum, and we are doing our best to cross items off our ‘to do’ lists faster than we add new ones! However, they also say that life is what happens when you’re busy making other plans, and we can certainly attest to that…

As our more observant readers will have noticed, the countdown until we escape disappeared from our website a couple of months ago, but is now back in place, busily enumerating the months, weeks, days, hours, minutes and seconds before we hit the road. The hiatus was due to ‘life’ reminding us (not so gently, we – and Paul in particular – would argue!) that we only have so much control over our destiny…Just weeks before we were due to give notice on our lease and our jobs, our plans had to be put on hold due to Paul needing surgery – something that we couldn’t possibly have anticipated.

Lists, lists and more lists; just one wall of several covered with butcher's paper.

Lists, lists and more lists; just one wall of several covered with butcher’s paper.

While the surgery was routine (and Paul is now recovering well), we had to rethink everything. For several weeks while we waited for the surgery date to be confirmed, things were in limbo; although we knew that we would still definitely be heading off on our adventure, we couldn’t be sure when. Despite the many, many lists (in notebooks and diaries and on butcher’s paper plastered all over the house) and several countdowns (on the front door, our phones, calendars and the laptop) we’ve created to manage the enormous task of preparing for a new life on the road, this was a clear reality check that things don’t always happen the way we want them to!

Once we knew when Paul’s surgery was happening, and could allow appropriate time for his recovery, we forged ahead with preparations. Figuring that we could take advantage of the time Paul wouldn’t be using the car for work, we booked Saj in for several big-ticket modifications…only to learn that a suspicious oil leak that Paul has been trying to get resolved for the past 12 months is now going to cost at least $2000 to ‘investigate’. Talk about testing our resolve!

Needless to say, our resolve is firmer than ever, so it seemed fitting to restart our countdown today, the day after our scheduled departure date of 31 May (designed to take us out of Victoria before the official start of winter!). We’re now looking forward to Monday 18 August, when we’ll leave Melbourne with perhaps even bigger smiles than we would have had yesterday! In the meantime, there’s still lots to do, not to mention many blog posts to write, so we’ll sign off for now. Stay tuned for more about our preparations…and hopefully not too many more surprises/challenges!

One of our first countdowns, stuck on the front door at 30 weeks before our original departure date of 18 May.

One of our first countdowns, stuck on the front door at 30 weeks before our original departure date of 18 May (which was changed to 31 May purely for practical reasons).


6 Responses to “Countdowns and curveballs”

  1. Jess 2 June 2014 11:03 pm #

    Hi Kim! Great to see the blog up and running! i was only thinking about you guys recently and wondering if you had headed off yet! So sorry to hear about your setbacks but you sound so positive and I can guarantee it will all be worth it once you get on the road! good luck with the count down and I really look forward to following along on your journey – sooooo exciting!

    • greatozescape 3 June 2014 9:49 pm #

      Thanks, Jess. We are certainly trying to look on the bright side, and are sure that all of the trials will just make it even more special when we head off. Lovely to have you along for the ride 🙂

  2. Reza 4 June 2014 4:08 pm #

    I am looking forward to reading about your trip. Please be sure to post lots of wildlife photos! In particular, I hope you see a Palm Cockatoo if you get up to Weipa (far, far north Queensland).

    • Great Oz Escape 4 June 2014 5:48 pm #

      Hi Reza. We were planning to get to Weipa/Cape York for this year’s dry season, but with our delayed departure we don’t expect to get there until winter 2015 now. And who knows what will happen and how our plans might change along the way…but that’s all part of the adventure! We will definitely post lots of wildlife photos, and you’ll be the first to know if/when we do see the spectacular Palm Cockatoo 🙂

  3. Baz - The Landy 19 June 2014 6:27 am #

    Hey, good luck with your great adventure and look forward to hearing about your progress, Baz

    • Great Oz Escape 19 June 2014 7:59 am #

      Thanks, Baz; not quite as adventurous as scaling mountain peaks, like you, but a big leap for us all the same. LOVE your beautiful photographs of outback Australia and beyond; always interesting, and often inspiring 🙂

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